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Fixed Gas Detector

Fixed Gas Detector
Model No.︰BS03
Brand Name︰HANWEI
Country of Origin︰China
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Specifications︰◆ Detection principle: Catalytic sensor or electrochemical gas sensor
◆ Target gas: Combustible gases and toxic gases
◆ Sample manner: Natural diffusion
◆ Distinguishing rate: 1%LEL
◆ Accuracy: F.S.±5%LEL ?Alarming levels±3%LEL
◆ Indication method: 4 LED lights
◆ Condition display:
3 LED lights indicating: Fault alarm, The first level alarm and The second level alarm
◆ Debug method: Infrared control
◆ Response time: <30s
◆ Resume time: <30s
◆ Working condition: Temperature.: -40℃~70℃ ??Humdity: <93%RH
◆ Explosion-proof level: Exd ⅡCT6
◆ Power supply: DC12V~DC26V
◆ Signal output: 4~20mA
◆ Frequency: 200~1000Hz (optional)
◆ Switch output: Two (The first level alarm is 20%LEL and the second is 50%LEL )
◆ Power consumption: ≤3W
◆ Install screw thread: G1/2
◆ Cable dimension: ≥1.5mm2×3
◆ Transmit distance: ≤1000m
◆ Weight: ≤2000g
◆ Pressure limit: 86kPa~106kPa
Advantages︰BS03 fixed gas detector, adopting high-quality gas sensor and SMD arts & crafts, has advantages of good reproducibility, disturb-proof against temperature and humidity, long life-span and easy operation, so it is suitable for gas detection for industrial use. It can transfer the gas concentration in the air into digital signal output. It adopts output of 4-20mA three-line electric current signal, which has advantages of long-distance transmit and good disturb-proof. It is suitable for gas detection in refineries, chemical plant, LPG station, gas boiler, and Spray-Paints etc. where gas leakage occurs easily.
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Fixed Gas Detector
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